Fashion Design

Develop an understanding of key fashion design concepts, techniques, and processes.
Learn how to create original fashion designs from concept to finished product.
Develop skills in sketching, pattern making, fabric selection, and construction techniques.
Explore the history of fashion and current fashion trends.
Understand the business of fashion, including marketing, branding, and fashion merchandising.
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3 Weeks

This course provides an introduction to fashion design, covering key concepts and techniques for creating garments and accessories. Students will develop skills in sketching, patternmaking, fabric selection, construction techniques, and design development. The course will explore the history of fashion, current trends, and the business of fashion.

Course Curriculum

Week 1

Introduction to Fashion Design

Overview of fashion design concepts, trends, and techniques
Understanding the fashion industry
Introduction to fashion illustration and sketching
Introduction to fashion design tools and equipment
Week 2

Designing for Different Body Types

Understanding different body types
Designing for different body types
Creating sketches for different body types
Week 3

Pattern Making and Drafting

Introduction to pattern making and drafting
Understanding different pattern pieces
Drafting basic patterns (bodice, skirt, pants)
Altering patterns for design variations
Week 4

Fabric Selection and Sourcing

Understanding different types of fabrics
Fabric selection for different garments
Sourcing fabrics and materials
Week 5

Garment Construction

Introduction to garment construction
Understanding different types of seams and stitches
Garment assembly and finishing techniques
Week 6

Designing for Special Occasions

Designing for weddings, formal events, and other special occasions
Understanding garment embellishments
Creating sketches for special occasion garments
Week 7

History and Trends of Fashion

Overview of fashion history
Understanding fashion trends
Analyzing fashion trends and applying them to designs
Week 8

Final Project and Portfolio Review

Creating a final project (design and create a garment)
Portfolio review and feedback
Course review and reflection

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