Interior & Exterior Decoration

Develop an understanding of the principles and practices of interior and exterior decoration.
Learn how to select appropriate materials, colors, lighting, and furniture to create cohesive design schemes.
Develop skills in space planning and furniture arrangement.
Explore the latest trends and best practices in interior and exterior decoration.
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April 1st
3 Weeks

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This course provides an overview of the principles and practices of interior and exterior decoration. Students will learn about the design process, color theory, materials selection, lighting, space planning, furniture and accessory selection, and other key concepts and techniques for creating aesthetically pleasing and functional spaces.

Course Curriculum

Week 1

Introduction to Interior and Exterior Decoration

Overview of interior and exterior decoration concepts, principles, and techniques
Historical and cultural influences on decoration
Understanding the design process
Week 2

Color Theory

Introduction to color theory
Understanding color palettes and combinations
Creating mood and ambiance through color selection
Week 3

Materials Selection

Introduction to materials selection for interior and exterior decoration
Understanding the properties of materials (textures, patterns, finishes, etc.)
Selecting appropriate materials for different applications
Week 4

Lighting Design

Introduction to lighting design
Understanding types of lighting (ambient, task, accent)
Creating effective lighting schemes for interior and exterior spaces
Week 5

Space Planning

Introduction to space planning
Understanding traffic flow and functional needs
Creating effective layouts for different types of spaces
Week 6

Furniture and Accessory Selection

Introduction to furniture and accessory selection
Understanding different furniture styles
Selecting appropriate accessories for different design schemes
Week 7

Interior and Exterior Decoration Trends

Overview of emerging trends in interior and exterior decoration
Best practices for creating effective design schemes
Course review and final project presentation
Week 8

Final Project

Applying principles and techniques learned in the course to create a design scheme for a real-world interior or exterior space.

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