By the end of the course, participants would have developed the professional-quality photographs skills necessary to capture stunning images and post-process them to showcase their work at its best.

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This course will take students through a step-by-step journey from the basics of photography to the skills and techniques needed to become a professional photographer. It covers everything from the fundamentals of composition and lighting to post-processing and editing techniques. Students will also learn how to market themselves as photographers and build their photography business.

Course Curriculum

Week 1

Introduction to Photography

Brief history of photography
Camera types and functions
Understanding the exposure triangle (ISO, shutter speed, aperture)
Week 2

Composition and Lighting

Rule of thirds
Depth of field
Natural and artificial light
Advanced Composition Techniques
Leading lines
Symmetry and patterns
Week 3

Types of Photography

Landscape photography
Portrait photography
Street photography
Capturing and enhancing natural beauty
Composing landscape shots
Post-processing techniques for landscapes
Week 4


Introduction to Adobe Lightroom & Photoshop
Importing and organizing photos
Basic editing techniques
Retouching and skin smoothing
Week 5

Black and White Photography

Understanding tones and contrast
Converting images to black and white
Advanced black and white techniques
Week 6

Studio Photography

Introduction to studio lighting equipment
Setting up a studio
Posing and directing models
Week 7

Night Photography

Shooting in low light conditions
Long exposure techniques
Editing night photos
Week 8

Action and Sports Photography

Freezing motion
Capturing peak action
Composition and lighting for action shots
Week 9

Marketing Yourself as a Photographer

Building a portfolio
Creating a website
Social media marketing
Week 10

Business of Photography

Legal and financial considerations
Contracts and licensing
Client relationships
Week 11

Final Project

Students will apply the skills learned throughout the course to complete a final photography project, which will be presented to the class and critiqued by the instructor.

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